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Clatsop County Democratic Central Committee
2017-2018 Officers & Committee Chairs
Officers are elected at the Organizational Meeting after the major elections in even numbered years. Committee chairpersons are nominated by the Chair and confirmed by the Executive Committee.

  Chair:                   Doug Thompson

  Vice-Chair:            Nicole Adamczyk
  Treasurer:             Janet Milteberger
  Secretary:             Laurie Caplan

Democratic Party of Oregon Delegates
  Delegate #1         LawrenceTaylor

  Delegate #2         Nancy Holmes
  Delegate #3         Andrew Davis
  Alt. Delegate #1   Doug Thompson
  Alt. Delegate #2   Pamela Wev
  Alt. Delegate #3   Nicole Adamczyk

First Congressional District Delegates

Delegate #1        Nancy Holmes
Delegate #2        Lawrence Taylor

Delegate #3        Dannell Davis

Alternate #1        Carl Dominey

Alternate #2        Jean Dominey

Alternate #3        Tom Brownson