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Our Platform

Platform of the Democratic Party of Oregon for 2006
Adopted June 4, 2006

In our lives as Oregon Democrats, we hold multiple roles. Whether rural, urban, or suburban, we are family members, neighbors, workers, U.S. citizens, and part of the global community. We must take responsibility for the needs, survival, and dignity of the coming generations. Our political philosophy must embrace all our roles, with their rights and responsibilities.

Oregon Democrats insist we can live according to our highest ideals. We work towards economic and social justice for all. We must govern ourselves to promote the Common Good. The well-being of Oregon, our nation, the global community, and future generations depends on implementing a just and farsighted vision.

As Oregon Democrats, we recognize that the citizens of our state and our country ARE the government. We will fight any forces that try to limit our freedoms or take the power that rightfully belongs to “We the People”. The Bill of Rights and associated civil liberties are not subject to the convenience of the government nor momentary security considerations. They are the enduring standard of our liberty. We commit to helping all people regain their rightful role in this country, in this government, in this 230-year-old Democracy.

1) Oregon Democrats: Our Responsibilities and Rights as Individuals and Family Members
As Oregon Democrats, we hold a fundamental belief that all people must be able to achieve personal security for themselves and their family. No matter where they live in our state, people must have access to the products and services necessary for a healthy and productive life. A Living Wage is a critical step in laying the foundation for self-sufficiency. We respect the inherent human dignity of each person, regardless of differences in race, religion, or other aspects of their individual identities.

  • Shelter, Food, Health Care, and a Living Wage: Securing the Basic Necessities of Life
  • Human Rights: Guaranteeing Equal Rights for All People

2) Oregon Democrats: Our Responsibilities and Rights as Members of a Community
As members of our local, state, and national communities, we recognize the benefits we have received through our communities and commit to paying them back. We embrace the Social Contract that binds us to other members of our communities, a contract that asks each person to contribute for the good of all. As rural, urban, and suburban Oregonians, we recognize our common interests and shared responsibilities. We demand that government function with fiscal responsibility that does not burden future generations with debts created by a “borrow and spend” economic policy. We reject policies that practice class warfare and perpetuate stark divisions between a privileged few and the majority of working Americans. We move beyond self-interest and focus on decisions made for the Common Good of both present and future generations.

  • Public Education: Taking Responsibility to Prepare the Next Generation
  • Revenue Policy: Paying a Fair Share and Endowing Future Generations

3) Oregon Democrats: Our Responsibilities and Rights as Workers and Business People
As workers and business people, we are instrumental in creating our country’s wealth. We work in many trades and professions, and include farmers, ranchers, union members, business owners, professionals and trades people. We demand respect and adequate reward for our efforts. We insist that our economy be managed to sustain local jobs and businesses, and embrace long-term sustainability over short-term profits. We envision a State where corporations function as ethical members of the community, contributing a fair share to the support of Oregon’s needs as a State and community.

  • Business and Economic Development: Creating a Sustainable Economy that Enriches Everyone
  • Forest, Field and Range: Supporting Oregon’s Small Farmers, Ranchers and Foresters as They Provide from the Land
  • Labor: Ensuring that Hard Work Is Rewarded and Includes Retirement Security

4) Oregon Democrats: Our Responsibilities and Rights as Active Citizens
As Oregon Democrats, and U.S. citizens, we are committed to the ongoing task of sustaining our democracy. We are guided by the principles this country was founded on. Our government was created to reflect the will of the people. We are committed to extending and deepening freedom, equality and democracy. We will be vigilant in protecting our freedoms as outlined in the Bill of Rights. Reform of our election process is crucial, as the right to vote is the foundation for all our other rights. In order to be a shining example of Democracy to other countries, we must hold our system to the highest standards. We abhor tyranny wherever it is practiced. We know tyranny is always accompanied by secrecy and subterfuge, and we therefore condemn the accelerating secrecy practiced by the federal government.

  • Election Reform: Opposing Privatization of The Vote and Guaranteeing Transparent Elections that Reflect the Will of the People
  • Public Safety, Justice, and Civil Liberties: Preserving Our Personal Freedoms, While Ensuring our Safety
  • Government Reform: Demanding Honesty, Integrity and Competence in Government

5) Oregon Democrats: Our Responsibilities and Rights as Global Citizens
As Oregon Democrats, we recognize that we have responsibilities beyond our national borders. As citizens of a powerful nation with global impact, we must find common cause and pursue rational cooperation with other nations. We recognize that our security and our moral standing as a nation depend on adhering to the Rule of Law. We renounce the idea and practice of preemptive war. Globalization has entrusted all of us with a responsibility to be knowledgeable stewards of the planet. In economic relations with other nations, we support Fair Trade principles, through which we maintain the highest standards for labor rights and environmental protection. We lift our eyes beyond national self-interest and affirm the principle of global cooperation, working to ensure the survival and well-being of present and future generations.

  • Ecology and Natural Resources: Providing for Our Needs, While Preserving the Earth
  • Energy and Transportation: Practicing Conservation While Tapping Human Ingenuity to Fuel the Future
  • Foreign Policy and National Security: Engaging the World through the Strength of Diplomacy, Justice, and the Rule of Law

• A pdf of the DPO Platform can be found here.