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Clatsop County Democratic Central Committee Work Groups
Work groups implement the mission of the organization, which is to register Democrats and to elect Democrats to office. Everyone is welcome to participate.

Platform & Resolutions Committee

Charter: take resolutions from the CCDCC and present at general meetings and develops the platform using input from our members, our core values and mission. The committee will insure language is clear and unambiguous. Relevant resolutions and platform resolutions would be forwarded to the DPO Platform and Resolutions Committee.


Public Relations Committee

Charter: Handle communication with the media, works with Platform committee to make sure that they are on message. The committee writes and distributes a newsletter and communications to the email distribution list. Public relations chair and newsletter editor work within the PR committee. This committee generates publicity for Democrats. It organizes Letters to the editor (Daily A, Hipfish, Oregonian, etc), writes press releases, and maintains the CCDCC web site content.


Community Action Committee

Charter: Make things happen. Organizes events such as dinners & BBQs. Organizes voter Registration events. Organizes protests, speakers at hearings, Organizes calls to legislators (State, federal, county, city). Plans visits to legislators in Salem, Organizes House Parties.


Fundraising Committee

Charter: Conduct fundraising necessary to meet the budget. Collect the $50 tax credit from every Clatsop Democrat. Plans events w/ Events Committee. Cultivate major donors and gives tracking information to the Information Services Committee.


Campaign Services Committee

Charter: Assist candidates in running effective campaigns. Maintains the campaign office. This committee uses the DPO Voter file for printing walking lists, labels, etc. This committee acts as the liaison with external campaign staff. Works with campaigns on strategizing. Committee maintains data on past elections – how many voted, who voted, how many votes each candidate received, etc.


Nominations Committee

Charter: Responsible for filling elected positions. Nominates candidates for CCDCC offices. Recruits candidates for public office, tracks the CD, DPO, and National Democratic Party offices (delegates to the National Convention).


Organization Committee

Charter: Responsible for the organizational health of the CCDCC. Conducts outreach and communication with Precinct Committeepersons. Recruits Precinct committeepersons for vacant slots. Responsible for CCDCC meeting arrangements (meeting locations, times, reservations, etc). Arranges programs and speakers for both CCDCC meetings and special meetings.


Legislative Committee

Charter: be the link between Clatsop Democrats and the Legislature. Track legislative activities, report to the CCDCC on what is occurring in Salem and Washington DC. Works with elected officials to identify areas to apply pressure. Organizes Town Halls (working with the staffs of the elected officials).


Budget Committee

Charter: Prepare a budget that will allow the CCDCC to be a significant contributor to all Democratic candidates in elections. Works with all committees to ensure that they project their expenses and with the fundraising committee to make sure that the funds exist to support the committee work.


Volunteer Committee

Charter: recruit volunteers and maintain lists of names, interests, etc.


Information Services

Charter: Provides computer support, writes programs to help track our volunteers and contacts, gives support for the website and works to help with e-mail distribution lists. Updates the DPO voter file with additional information. Maintains a database of donors and volunteers.